To do Anal porn you have to take an interest in what is happening under your blanket and make sure that you can enter the “paradise of sodomy” smoothly, but rather with joy, love, desire, reciprocity and compassion.

Ok, it may sound like a pastoral class at first glance, but it’s just to make you forget that we’re about to talk about your “peteu” at length. In a report on sexuality published in 2010, 44% of heterosexual women and men reported having ever had anal sex. It was in 2010. Today, with the cult of “booty” and sex-symbols bet that we are far from the 44% of 8 years ago.

How to practice anal sex?

  1. Do not take your partner by surprise with this request. It is a part of sexuality that approaches with openness and desire. If the woman feels more or less comfortable and does it voluntarily to please you, her pleasure will be diminished and your chances of “going back there” reduced to nothing.
  2. Buy a good lubricant, tasteless, odorless, refreshing or heating effect, because believe us, you may regret quickly to have chosen a heated lub. We are not talking about a free sample that you received at the pharmacy, but a real lubricant that is expensive in a bottle that “look good” on the bedside table. And no, Vaseline does not work. The drool, either. We are in 2018. If you are not able to invest in a good lubricant, you clearly do not deserve your blonde to let you play there.
  3. For those who fear pain, analgesic creams specific to this region is sold. It is however better to tame anal penetration, because the goal is to have fun, not to freeze with a cream.Rimming is commonly called “rimjob” is a great way to tame anal sex for both men and women. Guys, during fellatio, put your pride aside and let your blonde.
  4. Yes you are going to “rusher”, yes you will be uncomfortable, because you will be confronted with all your prejudices, but beassuring that a few seconds and moans later, you will have forgotten all that.
  5. Let’s be honest, a little “clean up” in the shower is in order. The shower phone will be your best friend. It is also selling, in terms of hygiene, an anal pear that works miracles. However, it is recommended not to use too much shower or anal pear because this defeats the intestinal flora.Do not put soap inside your backside.
  6. A gentleman, your partner is not a porn actress. She did not spend 2 hours with a big dildo in place to be “ready” for the scene. Yes, porn actresses do that, not your blonde. A little delicacy, tenderness, patience and understanding are in order especially if you are well hung.It will certainly be appreciated and you will only see the benefits too.

And as you can see, there are not 32 ways to get there. Do not sulk your pleasure anymore. This does not diminish your masculinity or make you “gay” and your “bros” hockey will not know. Stop living in fear and taste this forbidden fruit once and for all.

At present online relationships very popular. Online relationships are most common in present days. The major factor in the popularity of online dating is time. At present we are looking at our shortcuts in each of our busy lives. Because of sharing the time. These apps can easily use through the mobiles, computer, and laptops. Technology develops days are changing our lives. Changing just as fast as a day. Technology let’s make our life as easy as possible. As a result, Technologies become makes our life easy and become easier with the addition of bonding.

Connecting relationships on any website are very easy. Nowadays you can find anything on the internet easily you can find your love through the app on the internet. At present online Free Dating App is really popular. They are some apps available on the net, you can get them through the Play Store. You can just register to the app using social websites. You select a free app or you can purchase. To register just you need to give your biodata and photos.

How to write a profile on dating the :

You should be very careful while your profile. The user profile includes your name, place, photo, and biodata. You should give name correctly. The information which you are giving should be genuine. Upload your photos. Photos should be in simple and dignified manner. Because photos show your appearance, so you should concentrate on your photos. The person who uploads the photo you are uploading will like you so carefully view and upload each photo that you upload. While writing your biodata you should be careful, should not mention deeply.

That’s what you need to write Your name is your age What you have read  In which your working and how much you’re earning in the organization. Every information you give should be true and that there should be no falsehoods. If you want to write your color, your height, weight, and your favorite of you and your interests can also mention in your biodata. But you should never give your mobile number, the address of your house, your personal email address and your bank details. All the app will not have the same feature. Every app is different and has their own style. But most of the apps have the common style of the user profile.

Things to remember while chatting:

Don’t chat too much with anyone. You have to chat only with one person. Some people chat with many people simultaneously. Don’t go for a deep chat. This was not good for online chatting. While chatting you should concentrate on the conversation and how it is going. You observe conversation of the opponent, so you can understand what type of person they are. So you can understand others genuinely. And some people only talk for time pass and play with others emotions. You should clear about another person before starting your relation. Make the relationship strong by sharing your feelings and opinions. Be friendly to each other. Make your relationship success with your marriage.